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  1. Some of the people in the Old Testament were immoral and violent. They killed a lot of people in neighboring groups. Were they really in touch with our God of love?
  2. What do you think about evolution? Is this concept true? Can we rely on all sections of the Bible to be accurate?
  3. Why are there four books about Jesus at the start of the New Testament? Why not just one with one story?
  4. With all the translations of the Bible, how should I decide which one to use?
  5. When Jesus died to forgive our sins, was the forgiveness retroactive to apply to people of the Old Testament i.e., Adam and Eve?
  7. What, if any, differences are there between the Christian Church's view of the Lord's Table vs. for example the Baptist view?  Do you believe in Consubstantiation -- Transubstantiation or anything similar?
    (see also How does the symbolic meaning of the Lord's Supper fit with John 6:25-58?)
  8. Would a person wrestling with homosexual temptations and tendencies be accepted in the Christian Church?
  9. How does the Christian Church view women in the church? What leadership roles exist for women?
  10. Did God create evil? If so, why?
  11. Why does the Christian Church or Church of Christ refer to itself as a "New Testament Church?"
  12. After Christ's return and He has taken the Christians with Him, will there be any way for someone to get to heaven? I have heard they have to be beheaded. Is this true?
  13. I have read that over the years the calendar has been changed and now we are really in the year 2004 not 2000. Is that true?
  14. I, like many others, believe we are in the end times. None of us know the exact time. What is your view on the end times? Are we close? If so, what is left to happen before Christ's return?
  15. Can a Christian fall away into sin so far that they lose the hope of salvation?
    (see also Follow-up to: Can a Christian fall away into sin so far that they lose the hope of salvation?)
  16. What doesn't the Church accept from the Gospel of Thomas and why?
  17. Would a person baptized in a church with a different view of baptism have to be re-baptized to join a Christian Church?
  18. Who are the sons of God referred to in Genesis 6:1-4?
    (see also Follow-up to: Who were the sons of God in Genesis 6:1-4?)
  19. Is there a place in the Bible that speaks against people of different races dating and/or marrying?
    (see also If I date someone that is black and it tears my family apart, is that against the Bible?)
  20. Are those who make the choice to commit suicide with our Lord?
  21. How can we determine what to follow from the Old Testament versus the New Testament?
  22. Does God act on prayers from everyone, even those who are unsaved?
  23. What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
  24. Why is the church so divided?  Why is the Bible so vague on issues that cause divisions?
  25. Are there any differences between your church and the independent Baptists?
    (see also Could you explain the difference between the Baptist beliefs and the beliefs of the  Christian Church?)
  26. Is Jesus saying in John chapter 6 that there might be a real or literal body of Christ in the bread?
  27. What do you mean by "Restoration Movement"?
  28. Is it true that once you are saved, you can never be lost?
  29. What do you mean when you talk about the Bible being an inspired book?
  30. How can a good God allow bad things to happen?
  31. What do you think of Halloween?
  32. What does it mean in Genesis 1:28 when it says God told Adam to subdue the earth and to rule over all living creatures? Does this give human beings the right to do anything they want to the earth?
  33. Why does the Lord's Prayer ask the Father not to lead us into temptation when we already know he won't?
  34. How can you know for sure if you are following God's will?
  35. Does the Bible permit war?
    (see also Does the Bible justify war between the USA and another nation? If September 11 was judgment from God then should we fight back?)
  36. What does the Bible really teach about Eternal Punishment?
  37. Could you explain ASV of Luke 14:25-27?  The "hateth not" and "cannot" are what is confusing to me.
  38. What does God think about dating those of different religions?
  39. Can God forgive me if I told him that I rejected him?
  40. Why do Christians worship on Sunday, rather than the Sabbath (Saturday)?
    (see also Why should we observe the Sabbath on Sunday, even we have the evidence changing the Sabbath in 321 AD?)
  41. When a person repents, and asks for God's forgiveness, are you forgiven for all your sin or only those you have knowledge of?
  42. How should one deal with unanswered prayers?
  43. If Christ was crucified on a Friday and the Bible says he lay in the tomb, 3 days and 3 nights, how then could he rise on a Sunday?
  44. How do you cope with a minister leaving after they have become your friend?
  45. Is tithing Scriptural for today?
  46. Is giving up on Christian activities and leading a life of sin blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?
  47. Does Romans 9:11-29 contradict free will?
  48. If God never tempts anyone, why does Ezekiel 14:9 seem to indicate otherwise?
  49. Does First Christian Church invite members to make special offerings?
  50. Does the Bible prohibit cremation?
  51. Did Samson commit suicide? If so, why did God give him strength to push down the pillars?
  52. Should a Christian marry a Christian from another church denomination?
  53. Where does a person go immediately after death?
  54. What should I do if I'm head over heels with a Mormon girl, but I am raised Baptist?