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Question #53

54. Who has the authority to act as a vicar and marry me?

As to who can perform marriages, the Scripture is unclear. Various cultures permit a variety of individuals to perform marriages. Other than the couple, marriage involves two separate entities - God and the state. In the actual marriage ceremony, the church, particularly the minister involved, acts as an agent of the state and of God. I do not perform weddings unless the couple willingly indicates they desire to build their relationship and their family on Christ and God's Word. Who performs the wedding, assuming they are licensed to do so by the legal authorities, is not nearly as important as the vows taken before God and man. Therefore, ministers, judges, ship captains when at sea, and, in some states, Justices of the Peace are all legitimate functionaries in such events.

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Question #53
Should a Christian marry a Christian from another church denomination?

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Question #55
Where does a person go immediately after death?

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