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Question #21

21. Are those who make the choice to commit suicide with our Lord?

The Bible is unclear about this issue. The commandments teach, "You shall not commit murder." I would suppose this prohibits "self murder." The murder intended by the commandment is the "non-judicial killing of another human being." That definition precludes the right of the state to require the life of a convicted murderer (Genesis 9:6).

God's forgiveness extends to those who are too young to comprehend the nature or consequences of their sin and to those who are mentally deficient.  With few exceptions, as when someone sacrifices their life to save that of a friend or "buddy," I do not think those who choose to take their own life are thinking clearly. They consider a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Those who become suicidal are generally overwhelmed with grief, loss, or suffering from severe depression or other mental illness. These feelings pass or can be helped in other ways. In my judgment, and it is only my judgment, I do not think God excludes such people who, at least, are Christians but whose mental state leads them to self destruction.

If you, or someone you know, is seriously considering ending it all, I would suggest that the individual find someone to talk to who can listen empathetically and reveal the many options open to them and well as remind them there are many who deeply love them. Having suffered from depression myself, I understand full well the self-talk that accompanies thoughts of suicide. Someone else needs to hear and reflect those thoughts objectively.

This question arose because you, or someone you know, has committed suicide or is currently involved in self-talk leading to self-destruction.  Please understand that God is a God of grace, but Scripture teaches us not to presume upon His grace. God is a God of hope for this life as well as the life to come. He would prefer that the individual seek help and understanding and trust Him to take them victoriously through the stresses, trials, and problems of life. I would be more than happy to listen and to refer anyone considering self-destruction to a qualified Christian counselor who can listen, understand, and help.

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