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Question #57

57. What should I do if I'm head over heels with a Mormon girl, but I am raised Baptist?

The questioner should first read the answer to question 53. Having said that, let me make one thing absolutely clear: Mormonism is a cult, it is not Christian in any way, shape, or form! I do not care one bit about the terminology Mormon leaders use or how pious they sound. Therefore, the questioner should not only not marry the young lady in question, he should end that relationship as quickly as possible unless she is ready to recant her beliefs and resign (I mean literally resign) from the LDS Church.

Mormonism, at best, denies the God of the Bible, makes Jesus the brother of Lucifer, and teaches that the Bible is incomplete. Not only do they teach the Bible is incomplete, they teach it stands subservient to the pseudo-translation called the Book of Mormon. For information about Mormonism, I would direct readers to . A good friend of mine, a former Mormon Bishop operates this site. His testimony and information about the false teachings of Mormonism reveal the insidious nature of this cult.

Readers should do their own research but here are a few of Mormonism's false teachings:

  1. The Bible is the Word of God only as it is accurately translated. (Note 2 Timothy 3:15-16 )
  2. Jehovah was once flesh and bone just as we are. (Note John 4:24)
  3. Human beings have always existed and are eternal (immortal). (Note 1 Timothy 6:15-16)
  4. Jesus' death did not atone for all sin. (Note Romans 8:1-2)
  5. Human beings will eventually become a god and rule their own world as Jehovah rulers here. (Note Genesis 3:5 - Eve's temptation was, in part, a lie that she would become like God)

These examples barely touch the surface. Here are a few other facts to consider:

  1. Joseph Smith Jr. was a charlatan and a "money digger" who engaged in con games and shady real estate deals.
  2. No one ever saw the golden tablets supposedly discovered on the Hill Cumorah near Palmyra, New York.
  3. The tablets were supposedly in Reformed Egyptian, a language that no archaeologist or linguist has ever discovered or seen.
  4. The Book of Abraham included in Mormon writings is really an Egyptian burial document.
  5. The President of the LDS Church today claims to receive revelations directly from God.

Christians who do not know or understand the Bible are Mormonism's main targets. Mormons boast that they "baptize a Baptist Church every day." My own visits to sites in Nauvoo and Salt Lake revealed that all too many members of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ sign the guest registers with highly favorable comments which is an invitation for visits from Mormon missionaries.

Mormons encourage intermarriage with "gentiles," but also encourage divorce if the "gentile" does not convert or attempts to convert the LDS mate to biblical Christianity. A "gentile" male who marries a Mormon girl needs to understand that, according to Mormon beliefs, unless she converts her mate, she will not be in heaven. It is the Mormon male who determines whether the female is resurrected in the next life and given the privilege of bearing spirit children to populate the world assigned to them. Mormons who deny what I have indicated here are either lying or ignorant (all too many Mormons fit the latter category). Let me reiterate my advice to the questioner. Break off the relationship, study your Bible, and make a commitment to biblical Christianity.

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