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Question #47

47. Is giving up on Christian activities and leading a life of sin blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?

Details: My husband left me and God and our church for another woman. On Christmas Eve morning he told me and moved out on Christmas Day. At the present time he is living with the woman in our home in the shadow of our church. He was Sunday school teacher, van driver, sound man and assistant Sunday school superintendent. He just quit and never came back. He was never mean to me and now during our divorce he is and he does not try to hide when people are coming and going from church. Is this blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? His heart seems to have hardened. He taught pre-teens in Sunday school and they are devastated. I don't know how to pray for him anymore.

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the once-and-for-all-time rejection of Christ as Savior and Lord! It is denying the blood that bought forgiveness. It is rejecting the grace of God and never repenting. Has a man who left his family for another woman, who turned his back on the church, and obviously caused much hurt and pain blasphemed the Spirit? That, I cannot say! I cannot see the heart and I cannot see the future. I would say that at the present time, he is in grave danger if his sins (adultery, abandonment, and divorce) go unrepented (see Hebrews 6:4-6). That is not to say, however, that he may at some point realize the nature of his actions, repent, and return to God. He may never return to his first wife, but that is forbidden (Deuteronomy 25). Will God forgive what he has done? There is no sin God cannot forgive!

I sense in the question a root of bitterness. I hope I am wrong, but if I am not let me counsel that the sin of bitterness is every bit as devastating as adultery. Bitterness can destroy you as it eats away at the fabric of your existence. Repent, confess your bitterness to God, and find freedom. Forgive the one who wronged you just as Christ has forgiven you, pick up your life, trust Christ and rebuild. Set your face to the future, not the past. You cannot change what has happened so now is the time to become an overcomer and move on.

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