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Question #52

52. Did Samson commit suicide? If so, why did God give him strength to push down the pillars?

I suppose one could argue that Samson "committed suicide," but I would prefer to see it in terms of a willing sacrifice of one's life to inflict injury to an enemy. The Philistines were God's enemy, Israel's enemy, and Samson's enemy. Furthermore, the Philistines had placed Samson in the temple to demonstrate the weakness of Samson's God; to deride and mock God.

God, through Samson, brought them down - literally! Is it wrong to give one's life to defend the honor, the welfare, and the name of another? Is it wrong to give one's life in defense of their country, their values, and their way of life? Is it wrong to give one's life for another in time of war or battle? This is what Samson did. He was the means by which God brought deserved retribution upon those who worshiped false gods, oppressed God's people, and practiced unspeakable immorality.

Question #21: Are those who make the choice to commit suicide with our Lord?

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