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Question #15

15. I, like many others, believe we are in the end times. None of us know the exact time. What is your view on the end times? Are we close? If so, what is left to happen before Christ's return?

When God determines it is time, Christ will break through the clouds and all humanity will be taken from the planet for "sentencing." According to Scripture, accepting or rejecting Christ seals our eternal destiny - that's judgment. After the "great separation", believers will enjoy the presence of Christ and their new bodies. We may be very close to that day - the day when Christ comes to bring it all to an end. Nothing remains to happen before that day. Scripture says the only reason Christ tarries is to give greater opportunity for repentance (see 2 Peter 3:9).


Question #14
I have read that over the years the calendar has been changed and now we are really in the year 2004 not 2000. Is that true?

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Question #16
Can a Christian fall away into sin so far that they lose the hope of salvation?

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