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Question #26

26. Are there any differences between your church and the independent Baptists?

In many ways, Christian Churches are similar to many independent or Bible churches. There are, however, also a number of dissimilarities. Depending on the "brand" of independent Baptists, there may be a larger or smaller number of dissimilarities. The chart below pictures some of both.





Christian Church

Baptist Churches

1. Local autonomy (self-government of each congregation).

Frequency of the Lord's Supper



2. Bible is the source of authority and is inerrant.

Purpose of baptism

The time when salvation is conferred

To join a local congregation

3. Salvation is by grace through faith.

Timing of Christ's return

A wide variety of opinions but mostly amillennial or premillennial

Most independent Baptists are dispensational premillennials

4. Jesus Christ is God's uniquely born Son.

Version of the Bible

Any version which faithfully translates the original languages is accepted

Many independent congregations accept the King James Version only

5. Belief in the actual physical return of Jesus.

Gift of the Holy Spirit

At the time of one's baptism into Christ (Acts 2:38)

At the moment of belief

6. Belief in the person of the Holy Spirit.


One's salvation is assured but could be lost if one rejects Christ and never repents

Once saved always saved. Those who fall away were never saved

7. All believers should share their faith in Christ with others.

Church Government

Elders or Elders and Deacons lead local churches. Paid ministry operates with delegated authority from the Elders; 

Paid/Professional Pastors lead the church with Deacons overseeing the material and financial resources

8. Jesus was virgin born.




9. Jesus' death on the cross was a substitutionary payment for sin.




10. The actual bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead.




11. Two ordinances: baptism and the Lord's Supper.




12. Baptism by immersion.




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