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History of the Christian Church

bulletApostolic Christianity
bulletFirst Century Pressure
bulletPotentates and Pressures
bulletThe Apologists
bulletClergy, Creed, and Canon
bulletChrist and Culture
bulletThird Century Tribulations
bulletGerrymandering an Empire
bulletUnparalleled Growth
bulletConstantine and the Christian State
bulletOf Monks and Men
bulletOutstanding Churchmen
bulletBarbarian Breakthrough
bulletGrowth of Papal Power
bulletThe Church Moves West
bulletThe Iconoclastic Controversy
bulletStruggle Between Sword and See
bulletThe Medieval Papacy
bulletSchism Between East and West
bulletPopes and the "Prophet"
bulletRenewed Monastic Vigor
bulletThe Avignon Papacy
bulletMedieval Learning -- Scholasticism
bulletSocial Problems Facing the Church
bulletCongressional Christianity
bulletGrowth of the Mystical Spirit
bulletThe Eastern Church
bulletChristian Humanism
bulletThe Renaissance Papacy
bulletLater Medieval and Renaissance Reform
bulletBackgrounds of the Reformation
bulletReform in Germany
bulletThe Zwinglian Revolt
bulletReform in French Switzerland
bulletThe Essence of Calvinism
bulletThe English Revolt
bulletThe Spread of Calvinism
bulletThe Counter Reformation
bulletThe Continuing English Reformation
bulletReligious Currents in England
bulletColonization of the New World
bulletAnglicanism in America
bulletThe Puritan Scene
bulletThe Expanding Religious Scene
bulletSocial Pressure and Witchcraft
bulletOther Religious Groups
bulletThe Great Awakening
bulletThe Enlightenment
bulletThe Age of Revolution
bulletThe Benevolent Empire
bulletThe Roman Catholics
bulletReactions to Christianity I
bulletReactions to Christianity II
bulletSlavery and the Churches
bulletThe Cities and D.L. Moody
bulletBlack Churches
bulletProtestant Liberalism
bulletEvangelicals and the Social Gospel
bulletFundamentalism and Billy Sunday
bulletWorld War I and Neo-Orthodoxy
bulletReligious Americanism

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